Corporate Vision & Mission

“ To Be The World Class Market Leader In Engineering Rubber Products Driven By Technological Advancement,
People Value And Continual Improvement To Deliver Long Term And Sustainable Growth “


Welcome to Doshin Rubber: Pioneering Excellence in Engineered Rubber Solutions

Established in 1978, Doshin Rubber stands as a true trailblazer in Malaysia’s rubber manufacturing landscape. With over four decades of dedicated service to the civil engineering and construction industries, we have evolved into an industry leader, redefining the standards of quality and innovation.

Our Journey of Excellence:

Doshin Rubber’s remarkable journey began in 1978, marking the inception of a legacy that has left an indelible mark on the rubber industry. Leveraging our expertise and unwavering commitment, we have continually pushed the boundaries of what is possible in rubber engineering.

Diverse Specialties, Global Impact:

With an illustrious history dating back to 1978, we have proudly specialized in an array of cutting-edge rubber products that have redefined performance benchmarks. From marine fenders that ensure safe maritime operations to structural bearings that support critical infrastructure, and precision components tailored for mining and railway applications, our contributions have resonated globally.

Mastery in Seismic Innovation:

Our commitment to innovation finds its pinnacle in our mastery of seismic isolation technology. With a legacy of setting new safety and reliability standards, we have become a trusted partner in seismic solutions that protect lives and infrastructure.

A Proud Subsidiary:

Doshin Rubber is a subsidiary of Kossan Rubber Industries Bhd, a distinguished name listed on Bursa Malaysia. This affiliation strengthens our industry standing and underlines our commitment to excellence.

Uncompromising Quality, Rigorous Testing:

At Doshin Rubber, our dedication to perfection is unwavering. We emphasize 100% product testing, particularly for our seismic isolators. Each creation that bears the Doshin Rubber name goes through meticulous testing, ensuring that it surpasses even the highest industry standards.

Global Excellence, Accredited Assurance:

An undeniable testament to our dedication is the successful completion of South America’s inaugural airport terminal. This achievement underscores our unwavering pursuit of global excellence. As an accredited testing facility for seismic bearings, our commitment to stringent quality assurance is evident in every product that carries the Doshin Rubber name.

Engineering Perfection, Shaping Tomorrow:

Each product that leaves our facility bears the hallmark of our unwavering commitment to perfection. Our distinguished design team’s brilliance transforms ideas into reality, ensuring that every creation is a masterpiece of engineering precision.

Choose Doshin Rubber as your partner, and embark on a transformative journey where decades of expertise, groundbreaking innovation, and unwavering quality converge. Join us in shaping the future of engineered rubber solutions today.

Pioneering the Realm of Rubber Solutions

Doshin takes the forefront in the realm of engineered rubber solutions, embodying leadership in design and production. Our approach is a fusion of scientific research, engineering finesse, continuous material and product advancement, along with comprehensive control over production technology. This amalgamation harnesses cutting-edge technology, expert professionals, and an array of innovative products that provide solutions to even the most formidable challenges faced by our clients.

Throughout our journey, Doshin has broadened its spectrum of offerings, encompassing:

• Marine Dock Fenders
• Seismic Isolator High Damping Rubber Bearings
• Elastomeric Bearings
• Bridge Expansion Joints Systems
• Spherical Bearings
• Mechanical Pot Bearings
• Mining Rubber Products
• Floating Slab Track Bearings
• Railway& Transit Products
• Tailored Large Rubber Molded Products

At Doshin, we redefine possibilities through innovation and expertise, delivering solutions that transcend expectations.

Evolving Doshin Rubber into an All-Inclusive Hub for Civil Engineering & Construction, a collaboration with Japan’s Shibata was sparked in December 2000. The result: Quality Profile Sdn. Bhd., our joint venture, crafting an extensive array of marine fender rubber products and accessories. Equipped with dedicated design, engineering, quality control, laboratory, and customer service units, Doshin is primed to offer tailored solutions that perfectly align with your unique requirements. Backed by dedicated design, engineering, quality control, laboratory, and customer service units, Doshin stands ready to provide optimized solutions meticulously aligned with your unique project requirements.

Doshin Rubber Products (M) Sdn. Bhd.

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