Seismic Isolators


Explore our range of advanced seismic isolators, including the High Damping Rubber Bearings and Lead Rubber Bearings that are engineered to minimize structural damage during seismic events, offering enhanced protection for critical infrastructure by separating the earthquake induced ground motion from the superstructures. Additionally, our state-of-the-art Friction Pendulum Bearings ensure remarkable flexibility and reliable performance, setting new benchmarks for seismic resilience. Count on our innovative isolator solutions, designed to deliver exceptional safety and protection, even in the face of the most challenging seismic activities.

Introducing our cutting-edge High Damping Rubber Bearings, a pioneering solution for seismic protection in critical infrastructure. Engineered with advanced damping technology, our bearings effectively mitigate the impact of seismic forces, ensuring superior protection for structures during earthquakes. With their exceptional energy dissipation capabilities and precise load-bearing characteristics, our High Damping Rubber Bearings provide an unparalleled level of safety and resilience for essential infrastructure, offering a reliable shield against seismic disturbances. Trust in our innovative solution to fortify your structures and safeguard lives during seismic events.

Doshin Base Isolation LRB lead rubber bearings work on the principle of base isolation and limits the energy transferred from the ground to the structure in the event of an earthquake. Base Isolation Lead Rubber Bearings (LRB) consists of a laminated rubber and steel bearing with steel flange plates for mounting to the structure. All isolators have an energy dissipating lead core. The rubber in the isolator acts as a spring. It is very soft laterally but very stiff vertically. The high vertical stiffness is achieved by having thin layers of rubber reinforced by steel shims. These two characteristics allow the isolator to move laterally with relatively low stiffness yet carry significant axial load due to their high vertical stiffness. The lead core provides damping by deforming plastically when the isolator moves laterally in an earthquake.

Doshin seismic isolator-FRICTION PENDULUM bearings are based on the functional principle of a pendulum. They allow a structure to become horizontally displaced during an earthquake, with seismic energy being dissipated by the friction between various moving components. After the earthquake, the curvature of the sliding surface of the base causes the supported structure to return by gravity to its original position.

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