Rail Track Isolation

A Proven Mass-spring System for Achieving Very High Levels of Noice & Vibration Isolation.


A reliable and highly robust rail fastener for maintenance-free operation.

The baseplate is made up of a SGI top plate and outer base frame that are vulcanised (bonded) together by means of a natural rubber element. The underside of this rubber element is specially profiled and designed to allow movement of the top plate which holds the rail while ensuring a high degree of rail stability. Its most suitable for non-ballasted trackforms where vibration and ground borne noise reduction is required.


· Vibration and noise attenuation
· Low static and dynamic stiffness
· Bonded one-piece unit: no wearing parts
· Single rubber dampening element
· Proven fatigue life
· Easy installation either by Top Down or Bottom Up
· High electrical insulation
· Fail-safe design
· Maintenance-free long life performance
· Low profile design available

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Floating Slab Track Bearing (FST)


Project Reference

  • Downtown Line Singapore
  • Heikamo Rail Germany
  • TTY Airport Line Taiwan
  • Hong Kong KCRC KSL
  • Uk Cross Road 2016
  • Taiwan Tai Chung Green Line 2016

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