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Welcome to our innovative transportation solutions, featuring the APS (Alstom’s Trams Power System) and FST (Floating-Slab Track Bed). Our APS technology employs specially formulated insulated rubber, providing a reliable ground-level power supply for tramways without compromising city aesthetics. Meanwhile, our FST solution effectively minimizes ground-borne vibrations and noise in rail transit systems, ensuring a smoother and quieter travel experience while prioritizing community well-being. Experience a seamless blend of advanced technology and enhanced comfort with our cutting-edge transportation solutions, setting new benchmarks in sustainable urban mobility.

Special formulated electrical Insulated rubber technology Electrical resistivity ground-level power supply (APS 3) and Static Charging System (SRS)  for Alstom’s Trams

Rail rapid transit systems, especially those underground sections can produce ground-borne vibrations and noise from the moving train, which is transmits to surrounding buildings. This effect can be minimized by isolating the vibration via the use of floating-slab track bed. As the name itself suggested, the concrete slab track bearings (FST bearings), which acts as a rubber spring in some sense to isolate the vibration from the train movement to the nearby structures. Usually, the preferred FST bearings are made from natural rubber.

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