Structural Bearings

Welcome to our innovative range of structural bearings. Seamlessly managing vertical and horizontal loads, rotations, and movements, our products, including Elastomeric Bearings, Mechanical Pot Bearings, and DOSHIN® SPHERICAL Bearings, redefine stability and durability. Designed with precision and adaptability in mind, our bearings offer unparalleled support for a variety of structures, ensuring controlled force transmission and effortless manoeuvrability. Explore our diverse range for your construction needs.

Welcome to our state-of-the-art Elastomeric Rubber Bearings, meticulously engineered to serve as the fundamental support for optimal structural integrity. Designed with meticulous precision, our bearings excel in efficiently dissipating and distributing load forces, guaranteeing unparalleled performance in various construction applications. Possessing superior shock absorption and exceptional vibration isolation properties, our Elastomeric Rubber Bearings ensure the critical safeguarding of structures, demonstrating unparalleled reliability and longevity in demanding engineering environments.

Doshin Pot bearings ensure the controlled transfer of forces between a structure’s superstructure and its substructure. They also facilitate rotations about every axis and movements in every direction. They are so conceived, that they transfer vertical forces to the substructure and permit rotations thanks to an high quality elastomeric pad which is enclosed in the bearing. Doshin Pot bearings are suitable for use in structures with low to high loading and frequent movements and rotations.

DOSHIN® SPHERICAL bearings are designed to transmit vertical forces in the bridge sub-structure and to facilitate rotations by means of a calotte and a concave lower part.

The flat sliding surface between the top of the calotte and a sliding plate accommodates longitudinal and transverse movements. Guide bars and a restraining ring are used to transmit horizontal forces.

Depending on whether the bearing is fixed, guided or free sliding, it accommodates vertical loads, horizontal forces, rotations and longitudinal or transverse movements.

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