Dynamic Combined Compression and Shear test

This video shows the Dynamic Combined Compression and Shear test of LRB with diameter 855mm for cyclical shear displacement up to 310mm at 0.2Hz. This is an example of the test sequence for prototype testing.

D650 Lead Rubber Bearing

Frequency-controlled cyclical shear test combined with compression load of D650 Lead Rubber Bearing


Testing Video

Doshin Rubber Engineering Corporate Video  

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Doshin Rubber Engineering Seismic Isolators 

Doshin Rubber can develop alternative rubber compounds to satisfy different design requirements and can design seismic isolators to all international standards.

Friction Coefficient Test of Mechanical (Pot) Bearing 

This video shows the introduction to Mechanical Bearing, usually used in bridge structure and the sliding test to verify the friction coefficient.

Doshin Rubber – CSS Cell Fender testing

Shibata CSS-1450 Fender under 52.5% Compression Test at our e-Lab Testing & Research Center

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